Musings on the Wild World of Writing & Editing


Throughout my three and a half years at Texas Christian University, I have developed and honed skills in creative writing, copyediting, and communication with writers. Here you will find samples of my work as well as my résumé, a list of honors and awards, a link to my blog, a contact page, and links to other projects to which I have contributed. 

Starting out as an art history major and quickly switching to writing in my first semester, I have worked closely with the English department to be a better writer, both in technical and creative writing; to improve how Icommunicate with other writers in workshop and tutoring settings; and to hone my reading skills as a copyeditor, in evaluating literature, and in analyzing quality of writing. 

My involvement in the English department has led me to be president of the Bryson Literary Society, work as an editor and web editor for eleven40seven: TCU’s Student Journal of the Arts, and to help promote the English department on campus and to prospective students. 

My interest in publishing began in the fall of my junior year when I took a course in editing and publishing, when I discovered I had an ability to work on detail-oriented projects and had the patience to slog through style manuals to work on manuscripts. After the course, I began an internship with TCU Press, where I worked as a copyeditor, a content editor, an acquisitions associate, and a copywriter. My work as a peer consultant at the William L. Adams Center for Writing has also improved my communication skills, my teaching skills, and my writing skills. I am currently augmenting my skills by taking a course in visual communication, which I hope will help me understand marketing and advertising in the publishing industry. 

Through hard work, perseverance, and determination, I strive to improve my writing, my copyediting, and my communication. 


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