Musings on the Wild World of Writing & Editing

Oh Yeah, I Totally Forgot

I just realized in that my haste to write my first post, I failed to introduce myself. So, here’s a short little bio about me.

Hi, I’m Rachel Spurrier. I’m a Writing and French double major at Texas Christian University, scheduled to graduate in May 2013. I’m a peer consultant at the William L. Adams Center for Writing at TCU, where I help students with their writing to become better writers. Additionally, I’m about to start an internship at the TCU Press. I’m not sure yet what my role will be, but I’ll probably be copyediting while possibly dabbling in acquisitions. I’m also the president of the Bryson Literary Society, TCU’s creative society ( I’ve been published in as well as edited for TCU’s undergraduate student journal of the arts, eleven40seven (

On a less formal note, I’m a lover of words and language in general, both English and French. I’m primarily a creative writer, mostly of creative nonfiction essays. I do write some atrociously bad poetry here and there and shamefully hide it in a folder on my computer. I’m not particular about the genres I read, but I focus mainly on contemporary American writing, mostly fiction and essays.

I’m just getting started in looking into the editing and publishing world. After I took a course in, what do you know, Editing and Publishing, I realized that there was a potential career path in publishing for me. Hoping to develop an online presence and my own website, I started this wordpress. On this site, you can find my résumé and online portfolio for both creative writing and copyediting.

Anyway, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy my somewhat pretentious writing about writing!


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